Homesteading & Hungry

Join me on this podcast episode with Lisa from Homesteading and Hungry as we discuss all things homesteading. From being new to the homestead lifestyle and the things we had to get used to, to learning how to utilize the ingredients we’re growing or raising on the farm and turning them into a meal.

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You’ll love sitting down and listening to my chat with Lisa as much as I loved our visit. She’s one of a kind and doing a great thing in sharing her and her husband’s journey as new homesteaders here in South Carolina.

In This Episode

  • How Lisa and her family came to this homesteading life.
  • How Homesteading and Hungry came to be.
  • Marriage on the homestead and what this looks like for Lisa and Charlie.
  • How Charlie surprised Lisa by telling her he had bought a homestead.
  • The reality of how a “ride to the dump” can become an important time for communication as a couple.
  • We encourage new couples to read the book, The Five Love Languages.
  • Some of our first experiences as true homesteaders (the things people don’t tell you).
  • Our most significant adjustments to country life.
  • How to find community after moving to a rural setting.
  • What it’s like being a “foodie” who grows their own food. And how to take “ingredients” like the humble egg and turn them into a meal like my farmhouse quiche.
  • The rhythms of living on a homestead (like making homemade butter every week).
  • The homesteading life is a simple life. Though my own life may not look simple through the lense of YouTube, it truly is!

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Where to Find Lisa & Charlie

Be sure to check out Lisa at the following places online:

Sunflowers in a flower patch.
I want to share this beautiful life with others and teach them the lessons we've learned along the way. Welcome to Roots and Refuge, friend. I am so glad you're here.

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