Lovely Words

Lovely Words

There are many times that things in this world just woo me, and I simply must put pen to paper and write about it. This is where I wax poetic about life. Grab some coffee and see the world through my eyes as I share these lovely words. May they inspire you as they do me.
Three boys being silly.

A Farm Boy Only

your bow lips purse in concentration on your summer-tanned face. A shock of blonde hair grows longer and lighter by the day. this is summertime and you are not a school boy but a farm boy only.

Tiny seed starting pots with seedlings growing.


Spine uncurlingLimbs unfurlingBreaking through darknesswith arms lifted high Full of lifeFull of worshipPregnant with promisea future of fruit-laden vines Unafraid of attackersUndeterred by the doubtersDeaf

Cherry tomatoes dying on the vine.


the garden last night did not look like one with numbered days, but in truth the numbering could have been done in hours or minutes even.

The profile of a man with a barn in the background.

Love Story 

Perched on a stool in the morning light, captivated by your hands as they gingerly crack the colorful shells of eggs you gathered yesterday.

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