Lovely Words

Lovely Words

There are many times that things in this world just woo me, and I simply must put pen to paper and write about it. This is where I wax poetic about life. Grab some coffee and see the world through my eyes as I share these lovely words. May they inspire you as they do me.
A woman sitting on a chair journaling.


Someday, maybe I'll have the words
to finally feel heard but until then I'll grow seeds into lush life and point with wide eyes, wave my tiny hands
and beg “please understand”…

Empty Hands

This morning, a thin blanket of ice crystals stretched across the homestead. The pasture was studded white, the pond slightly frozen…

A woman sitting on a chair journaling.

He Made This Garden for Me

This is how I have known the Glory of Yahweh, not in the lights and sound of a church service but in the itch of a weedy walkway on bare feet…

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