Farm Life

Farm Life

It's about to get messy! Farm animals and farm life is up early and gettin' dirty...and we love it!
Three boys being silly.

A Farm Boy Only

your bow lips purse in concentration on your summer-tanned face. A shock of blonde hair grows longer and lighter by the day. this is summertime and you are not a school boy but a farm boy only.

A woman sitting in a greenhouse.

What's That In Your Hand?

The truth remains that there's no better time than now to look at what's in your hand, then ask yourself what you can do with what you already have.

A coffee mug left in the garden between plants.

Garden Musings with Wil Kunkle

Welcome back to the Roots and Refuge Podcast. I have a special guest returning to the podcast today, Wil Kunkle from Honeybee Hollow Gardens.

A father and sons on horseback.

Horses and Dreams

Join me in this podcast with Wes Green, a dear friend and neighbor of ours here in South Carolina, as we discuss homesteading, horses and dreams.

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