Time to get those hands in the soil!
A man and woman standing like Green Acres.

Mistakes We Made

Come learn from the mistakes we made over the years and save yourself countless time, money, energy and stress.

A woman sitting on a chair journaling.

He Made This Garden for Me

This is how I have known the Glory of Yahweh, not in the lights and sound of a church service but in the itch of a weedy walkway on bare feet…

A woman standing in a milking stall talking to a camera.

Social Media and the Modern Homesteader

Welcome to the second episode of my brand new podcast. I'm so glad you're here! In this episode I'm discussing what it's like being a content creator as well as what being a modern homesteader means to me.

We spend lots of time in the Garden!

Full on rabbit hole here! Watch them all =)

Fall in Love with Gardening

A Book by Jessica