The Hard and Worthy Work of Homesteading

With the throes of spring upon us, I'm reminded of just how much work this homesteading life demands. In this episode, I'm discussing the uniqueness of this lifestyle, as well as how to meet your basic needs while also meeting the basic needs of the farm.

A woman giving a cow pets.

I will never tell you this life isn’t for you, but I also won’t lie and tell you it's without its hardships. This life is beautiful, will push you beyond your limits, open your eyes to what you’re capable of, and is full of more rewards than I can count.

In This Episode

  • How this episode will benefit you if you already have a homestead or are still in the dreaming stages.
  • Why I will NEVER tell you this homestead life isn't for you. Read here to learn my definition of a homesteader.
  • The manual labor of homesteading and how it will push you beyond your limits.
  • Dealing with loss on the farm and my first experience with milking eight goats by hand.
  • How it's near impossible to do it all alone, and the importance of community sufficiency.
  • Spring on the farm is nuts!
  • Living this lifestyle means your priorities will look different than those not living this life.
  • The difference between the lulls of winter and the throes of spring.
  • Learning to embrace the seasons and hem in rest, no matter the season.
  • How to meet your basic needs as well as the basic needs of the farm.

A man standing in a stall outside a barn.
I want to share this beautiful life with others and teach them the lessons we've learned along the way. Welcome to Roots and Refuge, friend. I am so glad you're here.

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