So You Want to Be a Homesteader?

Join me for this podcast and hear my words of encouragement on how we can celebrate the little things that, when added up together, create the change that we desire to see in today's culture.

A man and woman standing like Green Acres.

The title of this podcast may be “So You Want to Be a Homesteader,” but I'm not only speaking to the person who's new to this way of living. I'm largely in part reminding myself of these things as, throughout the various seasons of life, there are times that are more difficult than others.

In This Episode

  • How imposter syndrome still creeps in all these years later, and how I deal with it. (Listen to The Hard and Worthy Work of Homesteading podcast here.)
  • The romanticism of living an “off-grid life” is much different than the actuality and practicality of it.
  • Learning to adapt and do something new.
  • Thriving on a Carnivore diet and struggling with the social aspect of it all.
  • What makes me turn into Pollyanna!
  • My first steps into becoming a “homesteader.” Hint: I was turning my waiting room into my classroom!
  • Taking inventory of the tasks we're doing to ensure we're spending our time on the right things (plus how I made a decade's worth of pickles in one year!).
  • How to plan the preserving year to avoid overwhelm.
  • It's the tiny changes we make daily that change cultures long-term.
  • The urgency I feel to grow food (listen to that podcast here).
  • How quickly conveniences can sneak back into our lives.

A man and woman talking to a camera while standing outside.

I want to share this beautiful life with others and teach them the lessons we've learned along the way. Welcome to Roots and Refuge, friend. I am so glad you're here.

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