How to Make Compost Tea

Strings tied to a metal rack with compost tea bags hanging into a large barrel of compost tea.

Learn to make your own compost tea and fertilize your garden for incredible growth and healthy soil filled with life.

When to Harvest Potatoes

A potato in a woman's hand.

How do you know when to harvest potatoes? The plant will tell you. Harvest early for new potatoes or allow more time for full-grown potatoes to be ready.

Companion Planting in the Fall Garden

A dog sitting outside a greenhouse with plants all around.

Demystify companion planting in the vegetable garden! You don’t need a chart to know what is good to plant with your tomato, bean, onion, squash, or peppers.

How to Separate Seedlings

Tiny seed starting pots with seedlings growing.

Learn how to separate seedlings of tomato, pepper, or other plants to replant (or pot up) before you transplant seedlings into your garden.

The Best Raised Garden Bed Soil

Two Vego garden beds with a sunflower garden decoration.

Learn how to prepare your container gardens (raised or pot) with healthy rich soil to put your plants in the best possible position to thrive.