What’s That In Your Hand?

A woman sitting in a greenhouse.

The truth remains that there’s no better time than now to look at what’s in your hand, then ask yourself what you can do with what you already have.

I Would Rather Be Silent

A woman sitting on a chair journaling.

I used to ask permission to say the wrong thing, but then I learned the hard way that the wrong things is rarely advised.

The Simple Step

A woman sitting on a raised garden bed journalling.

Truth is, there is an ever-raging battle in the depths of my heart. It is waged between two minds, one that wants simple and another that demands extraordinary.

The Earth is Enough for Me to Know

Close up of a green tomato on the vine.

the earth is enough, the rising of the sun, the seedling breaking through, the way my body bleeds to give life to generations, the earth is enough for me to know that you are good.

Come In

The inside of a window greenhouse.

Come in, You dreamers and shakers,
Come in. You wild ones, world makers,
Come in.

The Light

Fog covered morning just before sunrise on a farm.

The Light brings out the poems in me. Like some distillation, some percolating process, the sun shines on my skin and then poetry begins seeping from my heart.

Answering Your Questions – Gardening Edition

Garden arches with plants growing up and over them.

There are so many questions when it comes to growing a garden, and answers can vary from location to location. It’s my desire to hold the garden gate open for all people who have the desire to grow food. In this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing my gardening answers to your most frequently asked questions.

The Rocks Would Cry Out

Oak tree with the sun setting in the distance.

I read that He said the rocks would cry out if we did not praise. And though the daily cry of my heart is to see Him raised high, exalted, I’ve been very quiet around the rocks too.


A woman sitting on a chair journaling.

Someday, maybe I’ll have the words
to finally feel heard but until then I’ll grow seeds into lush life and point with wide eyes, wave my tiny hands
and beg “please understand”…

He Made This Garden for Me

Picture of a garden with a greenhouse and barn in the background.

This is how I have known the Glory of Yahweh, not in the lights and sound of a church service but in the itch of a weedy walkway on bare feet…