Eyes and No Eyes

Sunlight hitting tree tops.

Today’s podcast is sharing a bit of my own mindset and how I experience wonder on a daily basis. Living life with my eyes open to the beautiful world around me.

Embracing Uncomfortable

Two woman sitting at a table laughing.

Join me and Leah as we discuss embracing the uncomfortable. We both know from current and past experiences that much comfort comes from being uncomfortable.

Music, Gardening & Creativity

A coffee mug left in the garden between plants.

For many people, music, gardening and creativity may not go hand and hand, but for me and my guest on this podcast episode, they absolutely do. Join me and Daniel as we discuss all things creative and their meaning in our lives.

Daniel’s Journey to Beulah

A man making coffee in a coffee shop.

Let me introduce you to Daniel and share the special place he holds in our lives. Plus, he’ll be sharing a bit about his journey to Beulah, our coffee roasting business we’re opening up here in Batesburg, SC.

The Leaves Are Green

Fog covered morning just before sunrise on a farm.

I hear all the time that you all want me to do more devotional-style content. This is one that was recorded almost a year ago now (back in 2022), and it’s near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy it in either video or podcast format below.

What’s That In Your Hand?

A woman sitting in a greenhouse.

The truth remains that there’s no better time than now to look at what’s in your hand, then ask yourself what you can do with what you already have.

I Would Rather Be Silent

A woman sitting on a chair journaling.

I used to ask permission to say the wrong thing, but then I learned the hard way that the wrong things is rarely advised.

The Simple Step

A woman sitting on a raised garden bed journalling.

Truth is, there is an ever-raging battle in the depths of my heart. It is waged between two minds, one that wants simple and another that demands extraordinary.

The Earth is Enough for Me to Know

Close up of a green tomato on the vine.

the earth is enough, the rising of the sun, the seedling breaking through, the way my body bleeds to give life to generations, the earth is enough for me to know that you are good.