Time to get those hands in the soil!
A woman holding a bundle of tomato seedlings.

Gardening For Beginners

If you know people in your life who want to learn to garden, it's so helpful to be able to teach them. Knowing what they need to know, what they don't need to know, and giving them just the right amount of information to keep them from getting too overwhelmed.

A man and woman standing like Green Acres.

Mistakes We Made

Come learn from the mistakes we made over the years and save yourself countless time, money, energy and stress.

Picture of a garden with a greenhouse and barn in the background.

He Made This Garden for Me

This is how I have known the Glory of Yahweh, not in the lights and sound of a church service but in the itch of a weedy walkway on bare feet…

A woman standing in a milking stall talking to a camera.

Social Media and the Modern Homesteader

Welcome to the second episode of my brand new podcast. I'm so glad you're here! In this episode I'm discussing what it's like being a content creator as well as what being a modern homesteader means to me.

We spend lots of time in the Garden!

Full on rabbit hole here! Watch them all =)

Fall in Love with Gardening

A Book by Jessica