Time to get those hands in the soil!
A man and woman standing like Green Acres.

So You Want to Be a Homesteader?

Join me for this podcast and hear my words of encouragement on how we can celebrate the little things that, when added up together, create the change that we desire to see in today's culture.

A woman sitting in a greenhouse.

What's That In Your Hand?

The truth remains that there's no better time than now to look at what's in your hand, then ask yourself what you can do with what you already have.

Tiny seed starting pots with seedlings growing.


Spine uncurlingLimbs unfurlingBreaking through darknesswith arms lifted high Full of lifeFull of worshipPregnant with promisea future of fruit-laden vines Unafraid of attackersUndeterred by the doubtersDeaf

A coffee mug left in the garden between plants.

Garden Musings with Wil Kunkle

Welcome back to the Roots and Refuge Podcast. I have a special guest returning to the podcast today, Wil Kunkle from Honeybee Hollow Gardens.

We spend lots of time in the Garden!

Full on rabbit hole here! Watch them all =)

Fall in Love with Gardening

A Book by Jessica