Time to get those hands in the soil!
Window greenhouse surrounded by a cottage garden.

Barefoot in the Garden

Of all the pains I’ve known, of loss and heartsickness and physical woe, I have yet to find a pain that is not made a lighter load…

A butterfly on an orange flower.

Summer Morning in the Garden

summer morning in the garden, dew clings to my toes and coolness lingers in the air and I am reminded of a cold oven, not yet heated.

A woman holding up a melon in a mesh bag hanging from the vine.

My Favorite Time of Year

…collapsing on the couch in the afternoon, clutching ice and wondering how I call this my favorite time of year and really mean it.

We spend lots of time in the Garden!

Full on rabbit hole here! Watch them all =)

Fall in Love with Gardening

A Book by Jessica