Time to get those hands in the soil!
Dried herbs in a Mason jar with a woman pouring oil over the top.

Herb Infused Oil for Skin Care

You can learn to make this herb infused oil recipe using dry (not fresh) herbs combined with olive or coconut oil to use in DIY skin and hair products.Β 

Dehydrator filled with trays of herbs.

How to Dry Herbs

Fresh herbs make food taste much better! If you can’t grow herbs all year long, learn how to dry herbs. You can air dry, use an oven or a dehydrator.

Garden arches with plants growing up and over them.

A Night in the Garden

I sat in the garden until after dark tonight. I rarely do. Kids need dinner and baths. The laundry needs to be moved over and the kitchen needs to be cleaned up. But tonight, I stayed out and left the rest to wait.

Three boys giggling in a garden.

The Grief of Growing Up

I cried in bed this morning. I was tired, sure. Somewhere in the wee hours, a gangly ten-year-old shook me violently…

We spend lots of time in the Garden!

Full on rabbit hole here! Watch them all =)

Fall in Love with Gardening

A Book by Jessica