Farm Life

Farm Life

It's about to get messy! Farm animals and farm life is up early and gettin' dirty...and we love it!
The profile of a man with a barn in the background.

Love Story 

Perched on a stool in the morning light, captivated by your hands as they gingerly crack the colorful shells of eggs you gathered yesterday.

A boy holding an armful of produce standing between multiple raised garden beds.

Grow Your Own Food (Podcast)

Wanting to grow your own food and feed your family from what you raise and preserve yourself means taking a closer look at your daily choices.

A woman giving a cow pets.

The Hard and Worthy Work of Homesteading

With the throes of spring upon us, I'm reminded of just how much work this homesteading life demands. In this episode, I'm discussing the uniqueness of this lifestyle, as well as how to meet your basic needs while also meeting the basic needs of the farm.

A woman sitting on a raised garden bed journalling.

The Simple Step

Truth is, there is an ever-raging battle in the depths of my heart. It is waged between two minds, one that wants simple and another that demands extraordinary.

Roots and Refuge on YouTube

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