Come In

The inside of a window greenhouse.

Come in,
You dreamers and shakers,
Come in.
You wild ones, world makers,
Come in.

Find warmth by my fire
Find fill at my table.
There’s a banner above you
If you can’t see it, I’m able
To tell you He loves you,
I’ll read it and sing it
Until you believe it
I’ll read it and sing it
Again and again.
Come in.

Come in,
You dove-eyed lovemakers,
Come in,
You darling chain-breakers,

There’s a place set here for you.
The Word, He adores you.
And I’ll tell you
Again and again.
Come in.

Fog covered morning just before sunrise on a farm.
I want to share this beautiful life with others and teach them the lessons we've learned along the way. Welcome to Roots and Refuge, friend. I am so glad you're here.

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