A Chorus From the Pond

Oak tree with the sun setting in the distance.

the spring peepers sing a chorus from the pond so loud it breaks through the bedroom window this, the rhythmic tune of wild things.

Mistakes We Made

A man and woman standing like Green Acres.

Come learn from the mistakes we made over the years and save yourself countless time, money, energy and stress.

How to Make Money Homesteading

Small chicks in a pasture.

You can learn how to make money homesteading in the best way. Start to save your earnings or begin making larger investments on your farm.

How to Use Soured Milk

A pail of fresh milk in a bucket from the cow.

Don’t throw away raw milk or cream that smells like vinegar. Instead, learn how to use soured milk safely to make cheese, baking bread, and much more.

Should You Raise Mangalitsa Pigs?

Baby piglets nursing.

Before you buy, feed, and raise a pig for meat, read all about Mangalista pigs from the UK, and how cross-breeding can improve your homestead.

How to Make Homemade Butter

Homemade butter on a wooden knife.

Learn how simple it is to make homemade butter using raw milk from your dairy cow or cream from the store, without a butter churn!