Perceptions and Misperceptions

A woman holding a chicken.

In today’s episode, I’m dispelling some of the perceptions, or rather misperceptions, of this homesteading life. I reflect on what I thought homesteading was going to look like when I first started researching, to how I view it now. Most importantly, I share about the challenge of valuing the things that transition from romantic to familiar.

The Home Dairy (Raising Dairy Animals)

A pail of fresh milk in a bucket from the cow.

When it comes to raising a dairy animal at home, there are many things to consider. In this post, I’m breaking down the types of dairy animals, things to consider when choosing an animal, milking tips, and things to know before bringing your dairy animal home.

Homesteading & Hungry

Chickens near a chicken tractor.

Join me on this podcast episode with Lisa from Homesteading and Hungry as we discuss all things homesteading.

Horses and Dreams

A father and sons on horseback.

Join me in this podcast with Wes Green, a dear friend and neighbor of ours here in South Carolina, as we discuss homesteading, horses and dreams.

Grow Your Own Food (Podcast)

A boy holding an armful of produce standing between multiple raised garden beds.

Wanting to grow your own food and feed your family from what you raise and preserve yourself means taking a closer look at your daily choices.

The Hard and Worthy Work of Homesteading

A woman giving a cow pets.

With the throes of spring upon us, I’m reminded of just how much work this homesteading life demands. In this episode, I’m discussing the uniqueness of this lifestyle, as well as how to meet your basic needs while also meeting the basic needs of the farm.

The Simple Step

A woman sitting on a raised garden bed journalling.

Truth is, there is an ever-raging battle in the depths of my heart. It is waged between two minds, one that wants simple and another that demands extraordinary.

Dealing With Loss on the Farm

Goats in a pen.

Loss is something that everyone who has a farm will have to deal with at some point in time. So learning how to deal with loss is essential.