The Solution to Crisis

I’ve been in bed for the better part of the last three days. It was a culmination of things that laid me down. It was overcommitment and foolish optimism and the fierce demand of the garden in July. It was our booming and brilliant family colliding in my home at the tail end of a […]

Eyes and No Eyes

Sunlight hitting tree tops.

Today’s podcast is sharing a bit of my own mindset and how I experience wonder on a daily basis. Living life with my eyes open to the beautiful world around me.

Perceptions and Misperceptions

A woman holding a chicken.

In today’s episode, I’m dispelling some of the perceptions, or rather misperceptions, of this homesteading life. I reflect on what I thought homesteading was going to look like when I first started researching, to how I view it now. Most importantly, I share about the challenge of valuing the things that transition from romantic to familiar.

Embracing Uncomfortable

Two woman sitting at a table laughing.

Join me and Leah as we discuss embracing the uncomfortable. We both know from current and past experiences that much comfort comes from being uncomfortable.

Music, Gardening & Creativity

A coffee mug left in the garden between plants.

For many people, music, gardening and creativity may not go hand and hand, but for me and my guest on this podcast episode, they absolutely do. Join me and Daniel as we discuss all things creative and their meaning in our lives.

Charred Okra and Pea Salad Recipe

A large serving bowl with charred okra, tomatoes and field pea salad.

Make this charred okra, cherry tomato and field pea salad with a tangy vinaigrette and wow everyone at your next dinner. This one’s a keeper!

Dreaming Bravely

A woman giving a cow pets.

I am very much a dreamer that is living in extraordinary fulfillment of some of the dreams that, at one point, were completely impossible for me. Because of this fact, that has made me much braver now than I was before.