How to Make Bone Broth – A Simple Homemade Recipe

Bone broth in a glass bowl with bones, carrots and onions on a counter.

Learning how to make bone broth at home is simple and something everyone should learn. Be sure to read our bone broth making tips!

Fully Alive

A butterfly on an orange flower.

I feel sometimes like a collector. Waking up early, turning off the alarm before it has a chance
to rip through the still morning, brewing coffee in a dark and sleeping kitchen, I pocket the
treasure of being alive.

I Will See You Soon

A little boy holding a chicken.

You see, there isn’t much left of a mother after everyone has had their share. And the piece I had, I wanted to keep, to put my name on it and place it on a high, safe shelf, out of reach of tiny, grasping hands.

Don’t Forget to Prepare (Being Prepared for the Unexpected)

Woman holding seed packets and a cup of coffee.

Being prepared is important, but it isn’t everything. Fear pushes you, but wisdom leads you. It’s my hope that through this video and podcast you’ll be encouraged to tap into the wisdom and let it lead you to get prepared.

Willow Brook Homestead Interview (Jesse Bickley)

A man sitting on a trampoline.

Today I’m excited to welcome Jesse Bickley from Willow Brook Homestead to the Roots and Refuge Podcast. Come join us for a homesteading chat.

How to Eat Real Food & Where to Start

Woman holding up grocery store items.

Just because you have a garden and raise farm animals doesn’t mean it will all come together magically in the kitchen. So learning how to cook and eat real food is a critical homestead skill we should all have.

Kitchen Tools for the Homestead Kitchen

A cast iron skillet with a red cloth and five eggs inside the skillet.

Welcome to my kitchen! In this post, you’ll find all the necessary kitchen tools (and some not so necessary kitchen tools) for a modern homestead kitchen.

Easy Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken n dumpling soup in a stainless steel pot on the stove.

Looking to cook delicious homemade soup? Make my quick and easy chicken and dumplings recipe in a stock pot; no Bisquick or crockpot needed.

Fig & Balsamic Glazed Turkey with Fig & Sausage Stuffing

Pouring glaze over a turkey.

Make this delicious fig and balsamic glazed turkey with fig stuffing for your Thanksgiving meal. Trust me when I say this recipe will not disappoint!

Herb Infused Oil for Skin Care

Dried herbs in a Mason jar with a woman pouring oil over the top.

You can learn to make this herb infused oil recipe using dry (not fresh) herbs combined with olive or coconut oil to use in DIY skin and hair products.