Lovely Words

Lovely Words

There are many times that things in this world just woo me, and I simply must put pen to paper and write about it. This is where I wax poetic about life. Grab some coffee and see the world through my eyes as I share these lovely words. May they inspire you as they do me.
Window greenhouse surrounded by a cottage garden.

Barefoot in the Garden

Of all the pains I've known, of loss and heartsickness and physical woe, I have yet to find a pain that is not made a lighter load…

The profile of a man with a barn in the background.

And I Marvel

… thousand-pound beasts will yield to him. he will spend his day conquering. and my hours will fill with nurturing and creating…

Sunflowers in a flower patch.

Here Where We Are All Dancing

They shouted when I stepped on their feet but they couldn't see that I was dancing. Spinning so fast, I could not hear the wails drowned out by a heartbeat louder than anything else.

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