Homestead Dinners: Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcock chicken finished in a cast iron pan.

Spatchcock Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, and Green Beans Come cook a farmhouse spatchcock chicken dinner with me, complete with roasted potatoes and green beans from the garden. See just how easy it can be to feed a large family (of mostly boys!) and taste this delicious chicken with the crispiest skin you’ll ever have.  A question […]

Charred Okra and Pea Salad Recipe

A large serving bowl with charred okra, tomatoes and field pea salad.

Make this charred okra, cherry tomato and field pea salad with a tangy vinaigrette and wow everyone at your next dinner. This one’s a keeper!

Grow Your Own Food (Podcast)

A boy holding an armful of produce standing between multiple raised garden beds.

Wanting to grow your own food and feed your family from what you raise and preserve yourself means taking a closer look at your daily choices.

A Day in the Life of Roots & Refuge Farm

A mother and son collecting eggs from a chicken coop.

So many of you have asked if I can give you all a “day in the life” here at Roots and Refuge Farm… as it turns out, no! I can’t!

What is a Homesteader?

A man and woman walking toward a barn.

What is a homesteader? A person who’s mindful of their stewardship. We are in relationship… period. Permaculture is the study of the relationship of all things. You will not start farming without noticing relationships (whether beneficial or detrimental).

For the Love of Food

A woman taking a photo of something she cooked.

I love food. In the healthiest way. It’s not my main source of comfort, though it is comforting. It’s not my main source of joy, though I do find joy in it. It’s not something I feel enslaved to at all, though I’m very thankful for the freedom it gives me.

How to Eat Real Food & Where to Start

Woman holding up grocery store items.

Just because you have a garden and raise farm animals doesn’t mean it will all come together magically in the kitchen. So learning how to cook and eat real food is a critical homestead skill we should all have.

Kitchen Tools for the Homestead Kitchen

A cast iron skillet with a red cloth and five eggs inside the skillet.

Welcome to my kitchen! In this post, you’ll find all the necessary kitchen tools (and some not so necessary kitchen tools) for a modern homestead kitchen.

Easy Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken n dumpling soup in a stainless steel pot on the stove.

Looking to cook delicious homemade soup? Make my quick and easy chicken and dumplings recipe in a stock pot; no Bisquick or crockpot needed.

Fig & Balsamic Glazed Turkey with Fig & Sausage Stuffing

Pouring glaze over a turkey.

Make this delicious fig and balsamic glazed turkey with fig stuffing for your Thanksgiving meal. Trust me when I say this recipe will not disappoint!